Touristic Association of the Departamento of Colonia

The Touristic Association of the Departamento of Colonia is a mixed effort (governmental and private), formed by organized entrepreneurial sectors of the Departamento that are connected to tourism, the Direction of Tourism of the Departmento of Colonia and the Secretariat of Tourism and Sports of Uruguay. The goal of the association is to reach a consensus when making strategic decisions concerning the touristic development of the Departamento, generating a touristic policy based on the public-private coordination and compromise.

Vision of the destination

“We aim at positioning, worldwide, the Departamento of Colonia and its capital, with its World Heritage Site, as an unavoidable touristic destination on the Plata River. We aspire to be recognized for our history, our cultural diversity, our natural resources, and the varied offer of entertainment in a friendly, quiet and safe environment. We can achieve it if the public and private sectors together with the civil community work articulately, invest and mold people so that we can be a sustainable, innovative and good quality destination, in benefit of the community.”


The Touristic Association of the Departamento of Colonia coordinates its actions with the public and private sectors to improve the competitiveness of the Departamento as an integrated touristic destination, in accordance with the strategic vision.

The effort impelled by the Association is based on the Strategic Touristic Planning of Colonia that establishes the following guidelines:

1. Strengthening of the method of the touristic improvement of the destination.

2. Territorial and sectorial planning and development.

3. Improvement of the touristic infrastructure.

4. Development of the entrepreneurial net.

5. Improvement of the professional training of the touristic sector.

7. Promotion and commercialization of the touristic destination and its products.

8. Improvement of the quality of the touristic offer.

9. Promotion of the informatics technology in the touristic sector.


The Association operates through a Management Commission that defines and makes decisions, and through theme commissions aligned with the guidelines of the Strategic Plan, constituted by people connected to the sector and the theme covered by each one of them.

According to the strategic guidelines, at the beginning of every year, a Plan of Action is established jointly by the Management Commission and each of the theme commissions.

The Touristic Association of the Departamento of Colonia has a professional technical support team formed by an Executive Secretary, an Administrative Secretary and a Communications Liaison.


Private Sector

Hotel and Touristic Chamber of Colonia

Gastronomic Chamber of Colonia

Land Transport Sector, that includes bus companies, car-rental companies, the Association of Mini tourism of Colonia, the Association of Professional Tour Guides of Colonia and taxis.

Rural Tourism and Wineries Sector.

Business Sector, formed by Colonia Shopping, Business and Industrial Association of Colonia and the Business Center of Rosario.

Artisans Sector (ARTECO, GADEC)

Cultural-Offer and Entertainment Sector.

Public sector

Direction of Tourism of the Departamento of Colonia.

Secretariat of Tourism and Sports of Uruguay.