Tax Free

Since the 1st. of October, 2009, tourists who live outside of Uruguay can get a refund of the 85,97% of the IVA (Uruguayan sales tax) on purchases done within the national territory, which translates in a real discount of 15,5% on the total price on the sales ticket.

This benefit applies only to national products such as leather goods, clothing, handicrafts, food and drink, when the sales ticket is for a minimum of U$S 60, or its equivalent in Uruguayan pesos.

The stores authorized to offer this service display an identifying logo on their windows, and their staff can fully inform the patrons about the benefit.

Departure places where the refund can be obtained:

International Port of Colonia

International Port of Montevideo

Carrasco International Airport, in Montevideo

Laguna del Sauce International Airport, in Punta del Este.

At these locations, Customs Officers will proceed, according to ruling, to collect the forms previously filled out with the tourist’s personal information necessary to receive the refund after leaving the country.

The refund can be in the form of credit on a Credit Card, a bank transfer, or an international check.

For more information go to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (+598) 26001192

Access the information on the stores that offer this benefit in the Departamento through the PDF document.